• About the Calendar


    Since 1996, the Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints & Fasting Calendar has been a fixture in many Orthodox homes in the United States and around the world.


    The calendar follows the Revised Julian Calendar (New Calendar).


    The print calendar is a 365-page, spiral-bound book (5-1/2" x 8-1/2"). It can lie flat on your table, desk, or home altar. The eBook can be purchased directly from Amazon, iTunes, or Barnes & Noble to download directly to your favorite reading device. Links are provided under the Digital Editions tab above.


    Each day features the life of a Saint, an insightful Orthodox teaching, a list of the day's commemorations, Scripture readings, fasting or feasting guide, and major feasts.


    The lives of the saints include Greek, Russian, Georgian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, and American saints, plus many more.


    The teachings of the holy fathers and mothers of the Church help us with our struggle to live a life of faith in the modern world.



    About Wisdom of the Divine Philosophers


    Volumes One and Two of Wisdom of the Divine Philosophers contain short quotations gathered from the homilies of the Holy Fathers that act as a mirror to see if we have any shortcomings. They include a myriad of subjects, such as anger and forgiveness, passions and evil, peace and humility, marriage and children, and repentance and confession.


    Volume One includes 166 pages and counsels are categorized under 82 topics. Volume Two includes 158 pages and 67 topics. Both books are bound in softcover, or you can purchase the eBook editions from Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. See the 'Digital Editions' tab above for the links.


    These teachings will provide you with a wealth of wisdom as we struggle in pursuit of our own salvation.