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    "I cannot say how much these calendars have helped make life better for me and others for so many years. I am truly thankful for your hard work and devotion to our Lord and God and your service to me.

    ~ Demetra B.


    "Hello from Winnipeg, Canada! I just want to say that my contacts from several parishes are eagerly awaiting next year's calendar. Thank you so much for processing and shipping our order. We hope more people will join us next year for the 2023 calendar. What an inspiration it is. Thank you for all your research and compilation of saints' stories. God bless you!"

    ~ Linda K.


    "Thank you for your years of dedication to produce these beautiful calendars for our spiritual growth and well-being."

    ~ Panagia Prousiotissa Monastery


    "I cannot say enough good things about your work that is such a blessing and daily inspiration."

    ~ Christine D.


    "This book fills a niche that has been missing for the Orthodox Church."

    ~ Former Metropolitan Maximos of Pittsburgh (+2020)


    " It is such an enjoyable experience to learn something new each day about the Saints and elders ... I start each day with the calendar and it gives me a sense of peace starting another day like the sun rising in my soul."

    ~ James N.


    "Each day, a little nugget of light to illumine our souls."

    ~ Presvytera Sandy C.


    "Each day with this book is a spiritual blessing. If we don't know our history, we won't understand where we are going. I would suggest all Christians read this book and keep it close." ~ Archbishop James Salisbury


    "I love this calendar. Thank you so much for keeping the lives of the saints in front of us and helping us to learn about those whose stories are lesser-known. I was named for one such saint (St. Thomais of Alexandria, Apr 14), and because I carry her name I learned and share her story. You have made her life and countless others known to a wide audience. Your calendar helps us to stay connected to the Church in the midst of busy lives. Thank you!"

    ~ Thomaida H.


    "I buy it every year. It's a source of inspiration and a reminder of Saints days, Feast Days and Fasting for Eastern Orthodox Christians."

    ~ Susan F. P.


    "This is truly a wonderful work…for with reading it and applying it sincerely and with prayerful effort…then indeed you are drawn toward and the Holy Spirit is drawn toward us."

    ~ John & Elle P.


    "While life can be busy, this book is kept close by and I try to take a moment each day to read, learn, and stay focused on what is truly important."

    ~Fotine B.


    "Being an avid collector of all kinds of calendars, I was intrigued by the "2015 Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar." ...The ideas for different forms of fasting from food are inspiring..."

    ~ Most Reverend David A. Zubik, Catholic Bishop of Pittsburgh


    "Many thanks for your 1999 Orthodox Calendar. It is the best one yet. Congratulations! Your inclusion of a spiritual vignette on each page is a wonderful addition... These many pearls are an inspiration and another link to spiritual growth."

    ~ Ernest Villas, former Director of the Department of Religious Education,

    Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America (+2006)


    "Thank you for the many years of service you have given me. These calendars have given me so much joy and knowledge and have helped save my life."

    ~ Demie B.


    "Last year one of my plants overflowed water and got my Lives of the Saints calendar wet. I dried the pages with an iron but it was pretty sad looking. This year the same thing happened! I should have known better. So I ordered a replacement calendar. Thank you for having some left! I'm going to put the calendar on an elevated spot so that doesn't

    happen again!

    ~ Kristi B.



    Wisdom of the Divine Philosophers



    "Perfect for everyday reading and guidance of the ancient philosophers. My whole family reads the verses and learns from these pious men."

    ~ Mary W.


    "This is a fantastic collection, a Paterikon organized according to issues (humility, anger, and so on). The quotations are brief but pregnant with meaning given the depth of asceticism and love of their authors."

    ~ Anthony S.


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