• Our Story


    Thank you for your continued support of the Daily Lives, Miracles, and Wisdom of the Saints and Fasting Calendar.


    Our story begins before I met Georgia. I would go to the Jersey shore with my Lives of the Saints books and bags of Almond Joys, devouring both.


    Later, I would share these stories with Georgia. We lamented that only the saints’ names were remembered each day on the church calendar that hung on our kitchen wall.


    As I shared these stories with my high school Sunday school students, I saw how genuinely interested they were. So, with the blessing of our spiritual father, Geronda Ephraim of Arizona, and Bishop Maximos of Pittsburgh, we created the first calendar in 1996.


    These stories were condensed into sound bites, which we have all become conditioned to in this modern world. We pray that we do justice to the saints’ struggles. Some of the miracles seem so far outside the laws of nature that we wonder if fairy tales found their inspiration in them, perhaps even as a means to discredit the miracles. For example, the Seven Saints of Ephesus, whom the Lord put into a miraculous sleep for nearly two centuries, brings to mind the tale of Rip Van Winkle, and the miracle of St. Spyridon turning a snake into gold reminds us of King Midas.


    The wisdom of the saints that Georgia uncovers each year are well received, and she often uses them to point out my faults.


    Our latest series of books, Wisdom of the Divine Philosophers, are a compilation of quotes by the Holy Fathers categorized by subject.

    Tom and Georgia
    Orthodox Calendar Company