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The Best Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar

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Are you seeking a deeper understanding of the Eastern Orthodox fasting practices? Do you want to understand how the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar can enrich your spiritual journey? If yes, this comprehensive guide is crafted just for you. It'll be like your roadmap, guiding you through the spiritual highways of Orthodox Christianity.

TL;DR: Discover the ultimate guide to Eastern Orthodox fasting with our favorite fasting calendar! This comprehensive resource meticulously outlines the traditional fasting periods, including Great Lent, the Apostles' Fast, the Dormition Fast, and the Nativity Fast, along with specific dietary guidelines for each. Perfect for both newcomers and seasoned practitioners, this calendar helps you stay spiritually and physically aligned with the rich traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Stay on track with your fasting journey with our favorite Orthodox Fasting Calendar here.

Understanding the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar

The Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar is a pivotal component in the life of an Orthodox Christian. It's not just a calendar marking dates; it's a spiritual tool, a guide that helps believers navigate through the liturgical year. Just as a compass aids a traveler in uncharted territory, this fasting calendar steers the faithful towards their spiritual North.

Within the rich tapestry of Orthodox Christianity, the fasting calendar stands out as a distinctive feature. It punctuates the liturgical year with periods of fasting and feasting, providing rhythmic regularity to the believer's life. This rhythm resonates deeply with the cyclical nature of life, reflecting the eternal rhythm of divine love and mercy. Embracing the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar means stepping into this rhythm, immersing oneself in a dance that invites deeper spiritual exploration and growth.

The Significance of Fasting in Orthodox Christianity

In Orthodox Christianity, fasting is not merely a ritualistic practice, but a spiritual discipline of utmost importance. It serves as a conduit to deepen one's relationship with God, and is not just about denying oneself certain foods. In fact, it's akin to tuning a musical instrument, where one fine-tunes their spiritual frequencies to align with the divine harmony. This practice of fasting is a transformative journey, encouraging individuals to transcend their physical needs, attune themselves more closely to the divine will, and cultivate a deeper sense of spiritual introspection and reverence.

Navigating Through the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar

Think of the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar as a roadmap for your spiritual journey. It delineates the major fasting periods and feast days, acting as an itinerary for the believer's spiritual voyage. Following this calendar ensures you stay on the right path, maintaining adherence to the traditions and customs of the Orthodox Church's liturgical year. This roadmap not only guides your steps, but also equips you with the wisdom to comprehend the deeper significance of these practices, offering a tangible method to nurture and enhance your spiritual life within the Orthodox Christian faith.

The Best Orthodox Christian Fasting Calendar: The Lives of the Saints Calendar

If you are looking for the best guide to navigate through the intricate landscape of Orthodox Christian fasting and feasting days, look no further. The Lives of the Saints Calendar by The Orthodox Calendar Company takes the lead. This calendar isn't merely about dates and fasts; it beautifully integrates the rich tapestry of Orthodox traditions with the practicality of a modern-day calendar.

Why Choose The Lives of the Saints Calendar?

The Lives of the Saints Calendar provides a holistic view of the Eastern Orthodox liturgical year. It outlines not only the fasting periods but also the feast days, giving you a full picture of the Church's liturgical life. More than just a guide, it's like a spiritual friend walking alongside you through your journey of faith.

The Calendar's Layout

The layout of The Lives of the Saints Calendar is intuitive and easy to understand. Each day is clearly marked with its respective fasting guidelines, Saint commemorations, and scripture readings. Imagine having a miniaturized version of the entire Eastern Orthodox Church's liturgical year right at your fingertips!

An In-depth View of the Lives of Saints

What sets this calendar apart from others is the added feature of 'Lives of the Saints'. As you flip through the calendar, you encounter various saints of the Church and their inspiring stories. It's as if you're time-traveling, meeting these extraordinary men and women who have blazed the spiritual trail for us.

Integration with Modern Technology

In today's digital age, The Orthodox Calendar Company hasn't missed a beat. They provide an option for integrating The Lives of the Saints Calendar with your digital devices. Whether you're using Google Calendar, iCalendar, or Outlook, you can seamlessly blend your spiritual timetable with your daily schedule.


The Lives of the Saints Calendar is accessible to everyone, no matter where you are. It is available both as a physical calendar and a digital one, making it easily accessible, whether you prefer flipping pages or swiping screens.

The Lives of the Saints Calendar by The Orthodox Calendar Company embodies the rich traditions of Orthodox Christianity in a user-friendly format. It's your spiritual companion, guiding you on your path towards deeper communion with God. Whether you are a lifelong Orthodox Christian or a curious seeker, this calendar provides an insightful and practical guide to the rhythm of Orthodox Christian life.

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Key Components of the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar

There are several components that comprise the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar:

  • Major Fasting Periods
  • Weekly Fasting Routine
  • Feasting Days

Let's explore these further.

Major Fasting Periods in the Orthodox Church

In the Orthodox Church, there are four major fasting periods:

  1. The Great Lent
  2. The Apostles' Fast
  3. The Dormition Fast
  4. The Nativity Fast

Each fasting period has its own significance and is observed with great reverence.

The Weekly Fasting Routine

Aside from the major fasting periods, Orthodox Christians adhere to a weekly fasting routine, typically fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. This practice is a powerful reminder of the betrayal and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Fasting: It's More Than Abstinence from Food

Fasting in the Orthodox Christian tradition transcends the mere act of abstaining from food. It is a holistic spiritual practice, intertwining elements of prayer, almsgiving, and self-control. Picture it as a spiritual triathlon, where dietary abstinence represents just one leg of the race. Prayer deepens the connection with God, almsgiving encourages a heart of generosity, and self-control aids in resisting worldly temptations. Together, these elements combine to form the full experience of Orthodox fasting, aiming to cleanse the soul and foster spiritual growth.

Health Benefits of Orthodox Fasting

While the primary motivation for Orthodox fasting is spiritual, it also offers a multitude of health benefits. Like a natural detox, fasting serves to cleanse both the mind and body. It has been associated with improved mental clarity, enhanced metabolic health, increased longevity, and weight management. Additionally, the discipline fostered by Orthodox fasting can encourage healthier eating habits, promoting overall physical well-being. However, the benefits extend beyond the physical, as the focused mind-body connection during fasting periods can lead to a heightened sense of mindfulness, increased resilience, and a more harmonious balance in life.


The Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar is more than just a timetable for abstinence; it's a spiritual compass guiding Orthodox Christians on their journey towards divine communion. By understanding and embracing this calendar, one can enrich their faith and live their spirituality more deeply. It's time to discover and embrace this invaluable tradition for a transformative spiritual journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar important?

‍The Eastern Orthodox Fasting Calendar is essential as it provides a spiritual framework for Orthodox Christians, guiding them through the liturgical year.

How many major fasting periods are there in the Orthodox Church?

‍The Orthodox Church observes four major fasting periods: The Great Lent, The Apostles' Fast, The Dormition Fast, and The Nativity Fast.

What is the weekly fasting routine in the Orthodox Church?‍

Orthodox Christians typically fast on Wednesdays and Fridays, as a remembrance of Jesus Christ's betrayal and crucifixion.

Is fasting only about abstaining from food in Orthodox Christianity?

‍No, Orthodox fasting is more holistic, combining prayer, almsgiving, and self-control along with dietary abstinence.

What are the health benefits of Orthodox fasting?

‍Orthodox fasting can lead to improved mental clarity, physical well-being, and overall detoxification.

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