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September 26, 2023

The Miraculous Phenomenon of Myrrh-Streaming Icons Today

Myrrh streaming orthodox icon

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Within the rich tapestry of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, icons have always held a central place of veneration and spiritual significance.Among these sacred images, the phenomenon of myrrh-streaming icons stands out as a profound manifestation of divine grace and presence.In this article, we will explore myrrh-streaming icons from theOrthodox Christian perspective, delving into their spiritual significance and the deep impact they have on the faithful.

Contemporary Myrrh-Streaming Icons

In recent years, reports of myrrh-streaming icons have surfaced in various parts of the world, continuing the tradition of these miraculous occurrences. These contemporary icons exude myrrh continuously or intermittently, drawing pilgrims and the curious alike to witness this divine phenomenon.

The Hawaiian Myrrh-Streaming Icon: In Hawaii, a myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God, known as the "Iveron Icon," has gained attention. Pilgrims from across the globe have reported witnessing the streaming of fragrant myrrh from this icon. The phenomenon has inspired many to deepen their faith and seek solace in prayer.

The Montreal Myrrh-Streaming Icon: Another contemporary myrrh-streaming icon, dedicated to St. Nicholas, has been reported in a church in Montreal, Canada. The continuous exudation of myrrh from this icon has attracted thousands of pilgrims, offering them a tangible experience of God's grace.

The Myrrh-Streaming Icon of Georgia: In the country of Georgia, an icon known as the "Iveron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos" has been reported to stream myrrh. This miraculous occurrence has drawn bothOrthodox Christians and people of other faiths to witness the event, fostering a sense of unity and spiritual awakening.

The Spiritual Significance

From an Orthodox perspective, myrrh-streaming icons are viewed as a manifestation of divine grace and an invitation to deeper spiritual contemplation. The fragrant myrrh is seen as a symbol of healing, both for the body and the soul. Believers often collect this holy myrrh to use in their prayers and for anointing the sick.These icons also serve as a catalyst for spiritual renewal. They inspire believers to rekindle their faith and seek a more profound connection with God. The myrrh-streaming phenomenon reminds the faithful that miracles continue to happen in the contemporary world, fostering hope and a sense of spiritual awakening.

The Role of Myrrh-Streaming Icons in Orthodox Worship

In Orthodox worship, myrrh-streaming icons occupy a special place.They are often displayed prominently in churches and monasteries, and special services, known as "akathists," are offered in their honor.These services are opportunities for the faithful to come together in prayer, expressing their gratitude and seeking intercession from the saints depicted in the icons.


Myrrh-streaming icons are a testament to the living tradition of faith within Eastern Orthodox Christianity. They serve as powerful reminders of God's presence, mercy, and healing grace. From historical accounts to contemporary reports, these icons continue to inspire and deepen the faith of Orthodox Christians worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are myrrh-streaming icons in Eastern Orthodox Christianity?

Myrrh-streaming icons are sacred images that miraculously exude myrrh, either continuously or intermittently. They are viewed as manifestations of divine grace and hold significant spiritual importance for the faithful.

Are there contemporary accounts of myrrh-streaming icons?

Yes, in recent years, several myrrh-streaming icons have been reported worldwide. Notable examples include the "Iveron Icon" in Hawaii, the St. Nicholas icon in Montreal, Canada, and the "Iveron Icon of the Most Holy Theotokos" in Georgia.

What is the spiritual significance of these icons?

From the Orthodox perspective, myrrh-streaming icons symbolize divine grace and an invitation to deeper spiritual contemplation. The fragrant myrrh is seen as a healing symbol for both body and soul, and these icons often inspire believers to renew their faith and seek a closer connection with God.

How are myrrh-streaming icons incorporated into Orthodox worship?

Myrrh-streaming icons hold a special place in Orthodox worship. They are prominently displayed in churches and monasteries, and special services, known as "akathists," are conducted in their honor. These services allow the faithful to gather in prayer, express gratitude, and seek intercession from the depicted saints.

How do Christians view the phenomenon of myrrh-streaming icons?

Many believers see myrrh-streaming icons as a testament to God's presence and miracles. For the faithful, these icons remain a profound expression of the divine's mysterious and miraculous ways in the contemporary world.

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