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Saint Demetrius of Rostov

About Saint Demetrius of Rostov

Saint Demetrius of Rostov, also known as Dimitry of Rostov, is a significant figure in the Eastern Orthodox Church. A leading opponent of the Catholic influence in the Russian Orthodox Church, he is best known for his many edifying works, most notably "The Lives of the Saints."

Feast Day

October 28

Birth Place

Makarovo, Ukraine


December 11, 1651


October 28, 1709
Saint Demetrius of Rostov

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Byzantine Orthodox Art

Early Life and Education


Early Life and Education

Born on October 26, 1651, in Makarovo, Ukraine, Daniel Savich Stavrovetsky (later to be known as Demetrius) showed a keen interest in religious studies from an early age. After completing his initial education at the Kiev Mogila Academy, he took monastic vows in 1675, adopting the name Demetrius.


Ecclesiastical Career

Demetrius became the Bishop of Rostov in 1702 after refusing several other offers of becoming a bishop, insisting he preferred the life of a monk. He worked to strengthen the faith of his flock and was particularly devoted to improving the education of priests. His efforts towards education were instrumental in improving the quality of homilies and thus spiritual life in Russia.

Ecclesiastical Career

Later Life and Canonization


Later Life and Canonization

A noted scholar and writer, Saint Demetrius's most significant contribution to the Orthodox Church is "The Lives of the Saints," a twelve-volume set in which he documented the lives and works of numerous saints for each day of the year. This work continues to be a source of spiritual nourishment and an educational tool for Orthodox Christians worldwide.

Demetrius reposed peacefully in the Lord on October 28, 1709. His incorrupt relics remain in the Dormition Cathedral in Rostov. He was glorified (canonized) as a saint by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1757.



Saint Demetrius of Rostov is celebrated for his profound spiritual writings, his passion for religious education, and his stalwart defense of the Orthodox faith. His life serves as an example of dedication, scholarship, and devout faith.

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Where are the relics of Saint Demetrius of Rostov

Saint Demetrius of Rostov's relics are enshrined in the Holy Trinity Cathedral of the St. Job of Pochaev Lavra in Pochaev, Ukraine. Devotees often visit this sacred site to venerate the relics and seek the intercessions of Saint Demetrius of Rostov.

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Written Works

Lives of the Saints (January) by St. Demetrius of Rostov

This book contains the full length, unabridged lives of the saints for each day of the month, including: Basil the Great, the 70 Apostles, Anthony the Great, Xenophon and Mary and their sons John and Arcadius. Softcover.

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