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Saint Mitrophan Yang

About Saint Mitrophan Yang

Saint Mitrophan Yang, a revered figure in Orthodox Christianity, was the first Chinese Orthodox priest and a martyr who dedicated his life to spreading the Christian faith in China. Born into a devout family, he served his community with unwavering faith and courage, ultimately sacrificing his life during the Boxer Rebellion for his steadfast commitment to Christ. Saint Mitrophan Yang's legacy continues to inspire Orthodox Christians worldwide, symbolizing the profound impact of faith and devotion amidst persecution.

Feast Day

June 11th

Birth Place

Beijing, China




June 10th, 1900
Saint Mitrophan Yang

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Early Life and Education


Early Life and Education

St. Mitrophan Yang (also known as St. Mitrophan of Beijing) was the first Chinese priest of the Orthodox Church. He served as a dedicated leader of the Orthodox Christian community in Beijing during the late 19th century. St. Mitrophan was known for his deep faith, pastoral care, and commitment to spreading Orthodox Christianity in China.


Ecclesiastical Career

During the Boxer Rebellion in 1900, a violent anti-foreign and anti-Christian uprising, St. Mitrophan, his family, and many members of the Orthodox community faced severe persecution. The Boxers targeted Christians, blaming them and other foreigners for the problems China was facing at the time. Despite the imminent threat, St. Mitrophan and his followers refused to renounce their faith.

Ecclesiastical Career

Later Life and Canonization


Later Life and Canonization

On June 10th, 1900, St. Mitrophan, his wife, Tatiana, their three sons, and many other Orthodox Christians were martyred. They were brutally tortured and killed for their unwavering commitment to their faith in Christ. St. Mitrophan Yang and the Chinese Martyrs are remembered for their courage and steadfastness in the face of persecution.



The Russian Orthodox Church canonized St. Mitrophan Yang and his fellow martyrs, and their feast day is celebrated on June 11th. They are honored for their ultimate sacrifice and their witness to the faith, serving as an inspiration to Orthodox Christians worldwide.



Where are the relics of Saint Mitrophan Yang

The relics of Saint Mitrophan Yang are preserved at the Church of the Protection of the Theotokos in Harbin, China. This church holds significant historical and spiritual importance for Orthodox Christians in the region.

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