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Saint Sebastian Dabovich

About Sebastian Dabovich

Welcome to the page of St. Sebastian Dabovich, the first American-born Orthodox saint. Born in San Francisco in 1863, he devoted his life to establishing the Orthodox Church across the United States. Known for his missionary zeal and pastoral care, he tirelessly worked to serve the faithful until his passing in 1940. Glorified as a saint in 2015, his legacy continues to inspire. Visit his relics at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Jackson, California, and explore his enduring spiritual journey.

Feast Day

November 30

Birth Place

San Francisco, USA


June 21, 1863


November 30, 1940
Saint Sebastian Dabovich

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Early Life and Education


Early Life and Education

St. Sebastian Dabovich was born in San Francisco, California, in 1863 to Serbian immigrants. His early life was immersed in the rich traditions and devout practices of the Orthodox faith, setting the foundation for his deep spiritual commitment. Growing up in a vibrant immigrant community, he was acutely aware of the cultural and religious identities that shaped his upbringing. His early exposure to the faith influenced his decision to dedicate his life to the Church, leading him to pursue theological education.


Ecclesiastical Career

Sebastian's ecclesiastical journey began in earnest after he completed his education at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy in Russia. He was ordained in the Serbian Orthodox Church and quickly became known for his eloquence, devotion, and leadership. Returning to the United States, he embarked on a mission to serve the Orthodox faithful, traveling across the country to establish parishes, preach, and teach. His ministry focused particularly on serving the Serbian and Eastern European immigrant communities, helping them maintain their faith and traditions in a new land.

Ecclesiastical Career

Later Life and Canonization


Later Life and Canonization

In his later years, St. Sebastian continued his tireless work in the American Orthodox community. Despite facing challenges and the immense responsibility of nurturing a growing faith community, he remained dedicated to his pastoral duties. His later life was marked by a continued commitment to building the church, both through physical structures and the spiritual edification of his flock. His health and strength eventually declined, but his resolve to serve and guide never wavered until his passing in 1940.



St. Sebastian Dabovich's legacy is profound and enduring. In 2015, the Orthodox Church officially recognized him as a saint, affirming his life of service, piety, and dedication to the Orthodox faith. His feast day on November 30th is a celebration of his contributions to the church in America. As the first American-born Orthodox saint, he is particularly revered for his role in establishing Orthodoxy in the United States, nurturing the faithful, and fostering church unity. His legacy continues to inspire and guide Orthodox Christians, embodying the spirit of missionary work and deep commitment to ecclesiastical life.



Where are the relics of Saint Sebastian Dabovich

The relics of St. Sebastian Dabovich are enshrined in the St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in Jackson, California. This church holds significant importance as it is one of the oldest Serbian Orthodox churches in North America and has served as a spiritual home for many Orthodox believers over the years. The enshrinement of his relics there serves as a lasting tribute to his life and work, and it remains a site of pilgrimage for those wishing to honor his memory and seek his intercession. Visitors and faithful come to venerate his relics and reflect on the lasting impact of his ministry and dedication to the Orthodox Christian faith in America.

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