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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

About Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, also known as Saint Catherine of the Wheel, is one of the early Christian martyrs and a prominent saint venerated in both the Eastern and Western Christian traditions. Famous for her profound intellect, unwavering faith, and tragic martyrdom, she remains an enduring symbol of Christian sanctity and fortitude.

Feast Day

November 25

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Saint Catherine of Alexandria

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Early Life and Education


Early Life and Education

Born into nobility around the late 3rd century in Alexandria, Egypt, Catherine was blessed with beauty, wealth, and a keen intellect. She received a comprehensive education, delving deep into subjects like philosophy, medicine, and rhetoric, which made her one of the most learned women of her time.


Ecclesiastical Career

Drawn to Christianity at a young age, Saint Catherine had a vision of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ, leading her to embrace the Christian faith. Distraught by the widespread persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Maxentius, she boldly confronted him, denouncing his cruel practices. Catherine also engaged in public debates with the empire's best pagan philosophers and, with her profound knowledge and eloquence, converted many of them to Christianity.

Ecclesiastical Career

Later Life and Canonization


Later Life and Canonization

Her influence and success in converting many to Christianity alarmed Emperor Maxentius. When she refused his proposal of marriage and denounced the pagan gods, she faced torture on a spiked wheel, from which the term "Catherine wheel" originates. Miraculously, the wheel broke upon her touch. Unable to break her spirit, the emperor eventually ordered her beheading.



Saint Catherine's martyrdom and her unwavering commitment to the Christian faith have made her one of the most revered saints in Christian history. She is recognized as a patron saint of students, philosophers, craftsmen, and those who work with wheel-like instruments. Her relics were reportedly transported by angels to Mount Sinai, where the famous St. Catherine's Monastery stands today.

Her feast day, celebrated on November 25th, is an occasion for the faithful to reflect on her life and sacrifices, drawing inspiration from her courage and commitment to her beliefs.

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Where are the relics of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

The relics of Saint Catherine of Alexandria, one of the most revered saints in the Orthodox Church, are primarily housed in the Monastery of Saint Catherine on Mount Sinai in Egypt. This ancient monastery, one of the oldest continuously operating Christian monasteries in the world, is said to have been built on the site where Saint Catherine's remains were miraculously transported by angels after her martyrdom. Over the centuries, the monastery has become a significant pilgrimage site for both Orthodox Christians and believers from other denominations, many of whom come to venerate the relics of Saint Catherine.

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